Paris, 01 October 2013


Why did you decide the sell FGOL?

The decision to sell is always a difficult one, especially when we have built so much success as an independent company, with our own IP and a direct relationship with our players. However, as we grow the team and as the mobile free-to-play industry around us evolves, we want to be in a position to place bigger bets on better games. Being part of Ubisoft’s family gives us the support, experience, marketing and resources we need to make a very big impact with our future titles.

Why did you decide that Ubisoft were the right partner?

We have known the senior team at Ubisoft for a while now. They’re fans of our games and we’ve kept in touch over the years. We feel there is a genuine fit between the culture of both companies. We all love games and are passionate about delivering the best entertainment experiences possible. Ubisoft provide a fantastic foundation and support environment for FGOL as we look to build bigger and better games. We’re also confident that Ubisoft will allow us to retain much of our autonomy, process and culture. We get the chance to repeat and improve on what has made us successful, while having 8,000 new friends to help and provide advice whenever we need it.

What does this mean for your existing games?

No change. It’s very much business as usual. We have a new game entering soft-launch soon and exciting releases due from the Hungry Shark series. Watch this space! Over time, it does mean we can scale our production, marketing and user acquisition teams to service & support several live games at once. We’re looking forward to that challenge and to Ubisoft’s support.

What does this mean for the future? Any changes for the team or your commercial partners?

No change. FGOL will operate in almost exactly the same way as before. From a team perspective, the studio is currently just over 40 people. Two or three more people are due to join us before the end of the year. During 2014 we’ll grow a little more, but not much. We want to stay focused and agile. We have two very exciting games planned for 2014 – those are the main priority and focus for the teams.